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IFI Strategic Plan


Dear friends of the Icestocksport,

It is with great pleasure and honour that I herewith present the new IFI Strategic Plan featuring the ICESTOCKSPORT 2026 NAVIGATOR (see below the attached document).

The vision 2026 of the International Federation Icestocksport includes a new strategic direction of the international head organization for Icestocksport, by means of the crucial future criteria for the sport,

  • sustainability in development,

  • focus on youth and competitive sports with respect for grassroots sport,

  • credibility of the sport and trust in the sport on the basis of „Good Governance“.

The IFI fully addresses to the „Sustainable Development Goals“ of the United Nations. We are convinced that worldwide sport is only possible with focus on the international dimensions of sport in all social areas.

Icestocksport is well aware of the terms and conditions and IFI addresses them in the here presented 10 points for Icestocksport.

The whole Olympic Movement shall think and line up in new dimensions, being fully aware of and accept the social changes and the altered global conditions.

With the Olympic Agenda 2020 and the New Norm the IOC presents the way the International Sports Federations follow, totally in the sense of the meaning of the Olympic Movement, for a peace bringing and sustainable development of sport.

The IFI has adopted these recommendations in their strategy and sees itself as a role model for a modern positioned IF.

We wish you an interesting reading of the „Vision Icestocksport 2026“ and all the best!

On behalf of the IFI Executive Committee,
Christian Lindner
President, International Federation Icestocksport

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