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Athlete support resources


Our  International Federation Icestocksport agrees with and promotes the IOC platforms that support athletes (Clean Athletes!) in their careers and formation activities. As IOC, we also focus on clean athletes.

IOC supporting clean athletes

IOC gender equality e-platform

IOC Athlete Learning Service

Project Gemeinsam gegen Doping from NADA Germany

Bringing elite athletes together with great companies

IOC’s coaching tipps: athletes entourage

Promotion of women in sport

Athlete Career Programme

eLearning Tool for Athletes

WADA’s Play True Quiz

For the Young!

OVEP’s Toolkit

Support and protection of clean athletes


Most important rules

  1. A warning is to be issued to teams wearing non-uniform garments on their upper bodies (IFI Rule 366) and in case of recurrence, a match point will be deducted from the team’s score (IFI Rule 704a).

  2. All athletes must act in accordance with the general Sports Rules:

    • they must not drink alcohol or smoke,

    • they must not disturb or impede the other players,

    • they must wear uniform upper body garments (failure to do so will result in the deduction of 1 match point as a penalty, see above, item 1).

  3. Every team may only bring one sliding sole rack with 8 sliding soles. No additional handles are allowed.
    Exchanging items of sports equipment during a match is prohibited (IFI Rule 302).
    In case of substitution on account of injury, 1 complete stock (stock, handle and 1 sliding sole) may be substituted.

  4. Markings: Splashes of colour and discontinuous lines will not be taken into account.
    In case of double markings, the outer edge counts.
    If the houses are marked in a different colour to the rest of the playing field, marking may be omitted.

  5. An Icestock that has fallen over is valid if part of it touches the target house. It is then placed so that the shortest distance from the puck is maintained (projection).
    A stock lying on top of the puck or other stocks shall be placed so that the whole of its sliding sole is on the playing surface. This shall be done in such a way as to maintain the same distance as before to the puck and to any other stocks (see note under IFI Rule 346).

  6. If the puck has temporarily left the target house and then reached it again, the puck shall stay in its stationary final position (IFI Rule 323).
    If the puck is on its narrow side in the target house, it shall be turned onto the side appropriate for the surface in use and only then shall be measured.
    If the puck is on top of one or more stocks, it shall remain in its position (IFI Rule 324).

  7. In the case of a stock, it is the final position that counts.
    Exception: A stock that touched a neighbouring playing field or reached the imaginary lines between the starting house and the target house (of the neighbouring playing areas).

  8. If a player changes the puck’s position or disrupts its course in the target house,
    – the team of the player causing this change or disruption shall remove its stocks from the target house,
    – the opposing team shall complete the turn on its own,
    – exception, it happens during measurement: here, however, the player causing the change/disruption loses any further comparison.

  9. A player disturbs the course of a stock:
    – his/her team clears its stocks from the target house,
    – the opposing team completes the turn on its own,
    – the stock that was impeded is also removed from the target house,
    – the team of the player who caused the disturbance is given 6 penalty points.

  10. Premature termination of a turn:

    • Termination by both team captains following determination of the results:
      – the determined result is recorded,
      – the team concerned is given 3 penalty points for each forgotten stock.

    • Only a team captain may change the position of the puck or stocks:
      – In the case of a change in the position of the puck – see item 8. à no further penalties.
      – In the case of a change in the position of a stock, the match continues in principle when the following actions have been taken
      > if a stock of one’s own team has been placed in a better position in relation to the puck à remove from target house;
      > if a stock of one’s own team has been placed in a worse position to the puck à remains;
      > if the stock of the opposing team has been placed in a better position to the puck à remains
      > if a stock of the opposing team has been placed in a worse position to the puck à put back
      > if a stock of one’s own team is removed from the target house à remains outside.
      In all cases, the opposing team can demand that the original situation be restored.

  11. If two stocks that are to be measured are at the same distance from the puck, neither of them shall count.

    • At the end of the turn, both teams record a score of 0.

    • During the match, the team that did not reach the best position must play again.

  12. If an athlete plays without having been authorised, the turn shall be invalid (stock is removed from the target house) and the turn may not be repeated

  13. Items of sports equipment may be used only once during a turn (IFI Rule 355).

  14. If a stock body is not marked with an identifying letter (M-L-P) or is marked with an incorrect letter, one point shall be deducted from the team’s score as a penalty in accordance with IFI Rule 704b.

  15. If a sliding sole with a negative profile is used which does not bear an IFI sliding sole seal, one point shall be deducted from the team’s score (note under IFI Rule 207 and IFI Rule 704b).

  16. In such case as sports equipment is used which is not authorised or no longer authorised, the team concerned shall be disqualified:

    • Sliding soles No. 10 (white) and No.9 (bright red, negative) may also be used on ice surfaces without a roof (IFI Rule 207).

    • Sports equipment that is not included in the lists of authorised sports equipment.
      Exception: Sliding sole No.10 (white) that has a supported outer edge and does not have an IFI registration number may be used.

  17. Friction disc:
    A handle without the requisite green friction disc is an item of sports equipment that is against the rules.
    If a handle is found to have an invalid friction disc, i.e. a green friction disc without “IFE-gerecht” printed on it, or a disc of another colour, it is against the rules.
    A team using such a disc shall be given 2 penalty points under IFI Rules 205, 361 and 705d.

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