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Death of Edelbert List, IFI Honorary President



Christian Lindner, IFI President

The bare numbers alone seem impressive, even gigantic. 33 years of service for the International Federation Icestocksport from 1966 to 1999, including 23 years as IFE President. Prior to that, Edelbert List, who has been Honorary President of the IFI since then, was Vice-President (1972-1976), member of the Technical Commission (1970-1972) and accountant and cash auditor for 10 years. The fact that he had had the IFE A referee license No. 002 since 1970 rounds off the profile on the international Icestocksport level to perfection.

His work in the German Ice Stock Federation (DESV) since its foundation in 1966 as a founding and Board member with 18 years in office as Sports Warden of DESV (1966-1984), Distance Shooting Representative, Treasurer and again 18 years as Referee Chairman and then Regional Chairman West testifies to his strong roots in the German Federation for Icestocksport, which he never lost. The list of more than 35 years of activities in the Hessian Ice Sports Association up to its Chairman and the other activities in and for sport from 1941, including gliding, would go beyond the scope of an obituary.

An article in the “Eisstockschützen”, the official bulletin of the DESV for his 70th birthday in 1996, with a statement from the “Olympic Youth Magazine” from 1985 is quoted here: “If a man is club president, sports warden, chairman of the regional association, full-time regional trainer for five different disciplines and is also a sports manager and referee chairman and national coach in a federal association and a member of the Executive Committee in another federal association and is even serving as president and managing director of an international federation, then that should answer the question of indispensability once and for all … “.

“A life for Icestocksport”, it makes you think when you think of Edelbert List. But it was so much more than that – he was essential to our sport. He loved and lived the Icestocksport and lived for the Icestocksport. Edelbert List was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. This was the well-deserved public recognition of a lifetime for volunteering. Edelbert List closed his eyes forever on August 20, 2020 in Frankfurt.

We will always keep his memory in high honor.

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