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Icestocksport World Championships 2020

The Icestocksport World is a welcome guest in Arberland!

The World Championships 2020 in Regen (Germany) are the absolute highlight from all IFI sport events of the year 2020. More than 20 nations are participating.A complete region is looking forward to seeing the athletes from all over the Icestocksport World. “Friend- and Sportmanship“ – Regen knows how!

The name IFI World Championships 2020 is actually a multi-event over two full Icestocksport weeks hosting the following championships:

  • 6th World Championships 2020 for Juniors U23 (from 3.3. to 7.3.2020)

  • 56th European Championships 2020 for Youth U 19 and U 16 (from 3.3. to 7.3.2020)

  • 13th. World Championships 2020 for Women and Men in all disciplines (from 9.3. to 14.3.2020)

You will find here several important infos

  • Website:

  • Tickets:

  • Address and Routing:

  • Current program:

  • See it LIVE:



  • Videos – Rupert Zuschnig (AUT)

  • Aktuell auf Facebook:

  • Neueste videos:

  • Gallerie:

  • Videos / Fotos – Adolf Bertolini (ITA)


  • Fotos:

  • Videos:

  • “Like it now” and dont miss any news:

  • IFI Facebook:

  • Facebook:

  • Instagram:

IFI documents

  • Youth U16+U19, Juniors U23 – World and European Championships

  • Schedule: EM-WM J+J 2020 (Schedule)

  • List of participants (all classes): EM-WM J+J 2020-Participants

  • Trainings Plan – Long Distance: WM-EM 2020 J+J (Training Plan-LongDistance)

  • Trainings Plan – Team + Target: WM-EM 2020 J+J (Training Plan-Team+Targetl)

  • Equipment’s control: SPG-Kontrolle-Zeitplan-WM-EM-J+J-2020

  • Women and Men – World Championships

  • Participating nations (and the groups):WM2020W+M (Participants – complete)

  • Time table for equipment check:WM 2020W+M (Equipment Control)

  • Time table for starting times: WM2020 W+M (GENERAL SCHEDULE)

  • Time table for trainings (team and target):WM2020 D+H – Women+Men (Training-Team+Target)

  • Time table for training (long distance): WM2020 Women+Men (Training LongDistance) (last update 24.02.2020)

  • Invitation:

The warranty for success: organisation team Regen WM2020


Source for the video on the page header: Flag-Transformation (

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